EmDX Research and Consulting Associates is a small consulting firm that specializes in life sciences and physical sciences.  Our goal is to enhance your research and manufacturing capabilities. Our experts will facilitate improvements by streamlining your processes.


Our Services


we have created a robust package of pre-clinical and clinical research services, such as DMPK, efficacy, and toxicology, to deliver the highest standards of quality throughout our clients' drug development processes


we are dedicated to providing our clients with customized engineering services, not limited to engine integrity, metallurgy, advanced alloys, novel testing, structural design, and manufacturing


we deliver high-quality and accurate data analysis, and tailor our statistical services to best suit our clients' research and engineering needs

Facility Design

achieving the optimal environment to secure maximal results for all stakeholders requires a unique combination of architectural expertise and operational knowledge

Regulatory Compliance

we assist organizations in adapting to a changing regulatory environment

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